Strawberry kiisseli

Strawberry kiisseliKiisseli is a popular Finnish dessert. It’s probably best described as a cross between a fruit soup and a fruit jelly.

Since I’ve had an abundance of strawberries this year, I’ve used fresh strawberries to make kiisseli. You can also use frozen ones if you prefer.

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Strawberries and coconut



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It’s that time of the year when strawberries are ripening and it’s lovely to eat them with cream. But what if you can’t have dairy or you’re vegan?

Try these recipes:
Strawberries with coconut dip
Strawberry and coconut smoothie

You won’t miss the cream in the slightest!

Simple summer berry trifle

Serves 5-7

This is a simple, but yummy, trifle. I have used agar flakes instead of gelatine, so it’s also suitable for vegetarians. To celebrate the London 2012 Olympics, I have decorated the trifle so that it looks like the Union Jack.

Summer berry trifle decorated with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries so that it resembles the Union Jack1 litre apple and raspberry juice
5 tbsp agar flakes
300 ml whipping cream*
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
30-40 g xylitol
Berries of your choice for decoration

1. To make the jelly, pour the juice into a saucepan and sprinkle the agar flakes over the top. Bring to the boil over a gentle heat, stirring every now and then. The agar flakes will dissolve gradually. Continue reading

Mini oven pancake canapés

Makes 32-36

This picture has mini oven pancake canapes. The base looks like a mini Yorkshire pudding, but it's sweet. The canapes are topped with vanilla cream and blueberries and slices of strawberry. There are also strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in the picture.Oven pancakes are a popular Finnish treat, but I have added a British twist: I have based the recipe on the traditional Finnish recipe but made the pancakes in the shape of individual mini-size Yorkshire puddings (the Finnish oven pancakes are large and cut to portions after baking).

My grandmother used to make the most delicious oven pancakes and serve them with her own homemade strawberry jam and vanilla cream. Usually the Finnish pancakes are made with milk, but because gluten-free flour tastes better when there’s some fat in the batter, I have used single cream and water instead. Continue reading