Mocca flapjacks

Mocca flapjacksIf flapjacks sound too boring for you, try these mocca ones – they are so not your ordinary flapjacks! They are yummy and a little chewy, and you’re bound to reach for a second helping (and a third, and a fourth…)

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Apple and oat crumble

Apple and oat crumble made with RedLove apples whose flesh is readI have a young RedLove apple tree in the garden and this was the first season it produced any fruit – all in all, 5 apples! I decided to make a good old-fashioned crumble as I thought the apples’ red-coloured flesh would make the pudding look attractive. I wasn’t disappointed. And the flavour, combined with the oat crumble, was so wonderful that I can’t wait for the next crop! Read more…