Mocca flapjacks

Mocca flapjacksIf flapjacks sound too boring for you, try these mocca ones – they are so not your ordinary flapjacks! They are yummy and a little chewy, and you’re bound to reach for a second helping (and a third, and a fourth…)

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Cherry delight

Cherry delightThis is a luscious dessert that’s easy to make. The sweet sauce layered between the slightly tangy quark has cherries with different textures: some are cooked, others not. This makes the sauce more interesting – and the whole dessert utterly irresistible!

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Berry pavlova

Berry pavlovaPavlovas are great desserts: their crunchy and gooey meringue base topped with luscious vanilla cream and lots of berries are bound to please everyone.

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Coffee banana pudding

Coffee banana puddingThis dessert has layers of yummy coffee-flavoured mashed bananas and creamy vanilla quark. If you’re feeling slightly naughty, try it as a decadent breakfast!

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Choc Shot – sugar-free liquid chocolate

Choc Shot - sugar-free liquid chocolateFancy some hot chocolate but want it without refined sugar? Want to make some chocolate treats but can’t be bothered to melt the chocolate? Choc Shot, liquid chocolate belonging to the ‘Sweet Freedom’-family, is the answer.

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Coconut pannacotta with mango and lime purée

Coconut pannacotta with mango and lime purée This coconut pannacotta is lovely and creamy, yet no cream is used and the whole recipe is dairy-free and vegan.

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Baked plum pancake

Baked plum pancakeI love baked plums and I love baked pancakes. I thought I’d try and combine the two and see what happens. The end result is this delicious dessert that also works well as a breakfast/brunch.

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Strawberry kiisseli

Strawberry kiisseliKiisseli is a popular Finnish dessert. It’s probably best described as a cross between a fruit soup and a fruit jelly.

Since I’ve had an abundance of strawberries this year, I’ve used fresh strawberries to make kiisseli. You can also use frozen ones if you prefer.

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Strawberries and coconut



Photo (c) Daniel Gilbey |

It’s that time of the year when strawberries are ripening and it’s lovely to eat them with cream. But what if you can’t have dairy or you’re vegan?

Try these recipes:
Strawberries with coconut dip
Strawberry and coconut smoothie

You won’t miss the cream in the slightest!

No Naughties’ pancakes is out now!

My new book No Naughties’ pancakes: Sweet treats without sugar, wheat, gluten and yeast, is out now. It includes ten delicious recipes inspired by different pancake traditions around the world. Whether you’re looking for something scrumptious for an indulgent breakfast or a variety of delightful treats for a pancake party, No Naughties has the recipes – and they’re all without the ‘naughty’ ingredients! Find out more…

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Cover of the book No Naughties' pancakes (UK/European edition) The cover of the book No Naughties' pancakes (US edition)