No Naughties now available on Kindle

Cover of No NaughiesNo Naughties: Sweet treats without sugar, wheat, gluten and yeast has now been released as an Amazon Kindle ebook. It contains mouth-watering recipes from super quick snacks to more elaborate desserts and cakes.

All recipes are suitable for people who need to avoid sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya and peanuts. Many of the recipes are also free from eggs, dairy, casein, lactose, nuts and corn.

In addition to the recipes, you can find information on the ingredients, where to buy them in the UK and how to use them successfully. The measurements are given in metric units (e.g. grams and millilitres)

You can buy the book on Amazon. (Please note: you don’t need a Kindle reader, but can download the book onto your computer/ipad/iphone.)

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Two No Naughties’ Christmas recipe books are out now!

No Naughties at Christmas & No Naughties’ Christmas treats for kids are out now. Each ebook contains ten recipes that ensure your festive season will be a delightful celebration. To find out more, please visit

To celebrate the launch of these two ebooks, No Naughties at Christmas is available for FREE TODAY on Amazon. To download your copy, go to:

Book cover of No Naughties' Christmas treats for kidsBook cover of No Naughties at Christmas

Telling other people about your diet

A red character is speaking to seven white characters.Some find it easy to tell other people about their condition and diet, while others struggle because they feel embarrassed or otherwise reluctant to reveal private information. Although it’s not necessary to tell about your condition to everyone you meet, there are situations when it’s advantageous, for example, when you go to a restaurant or a dinner party. Continue reading

Changing your diet – the first steps

A child's foot is on grass. It has a dark butterfly on it.So, you’ve found out you need to change your diet. Leaving out one particular foodstuff can be tricky; having to say goodbye to two or more can make life really difficult. Or so it can feel, at least in the beginning.

It can be daunting to start making changes. However, there are lots of ways to manage your new diet and enjoy your life. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Think about your new situation as a new beginning, a new journey that has the potential to improve the quality of your life. Continue reading