Tofu as an egg substitute

Broken egg

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If you can eat soya, you could consider using tofu as an egg substitute. It’s fairly tasteless on its own and it absorbs other flavours, so you can use this to your advantage.

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No-added-sugar fruit spreads as egg substitutes

Three jars of no-added-sugar fruit spreads: apricot, raspberry and strawberryUsing a no-added-sugar fruit spread (or ordinary jam if sugar is not a problem for you) as an egg substitute is a little like using a substitute that’s a mixture between a sweetening syrup and a fruit purée. The pectin in the fruit spread helps to bind the ingredients together and the wet consistency of the spread adds moisture into the sweet treat.

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Sweetening syrups and honey as egg & sugar substitutes

Sweet FreedomHoney and sweetening syrups, such as Sweet Freedom, agave nectar and date syrup, are sticky and therefore can be used instead of egg to bind ingredients together. They can also add moisture into the sweet treats.

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Shop-bought egg replacers

egg replacerThere are different brands of egg replacers to choose from. You can buy them in health food stores and some supermarkets also sell them.

When choosing which one to use, check out their ingredients list to see if they are suitable for your diet. For example, some may contain sugar and casein. Some substitutes even contain egg!

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