Lemon layer cake

Lemon layer cakeThis cake is a delightful cross between a sponge cake and cheesecake, with the lemon sauce providing a refreshing twist. So, why bother making two cakes separately when you can have all in one?

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Chocolate orange bundt cake

Chocolate orange bundt cakeThis chocolate orange cake is moist and velvety. By making it in a bundt tin, it looks more interesting, too.

The cake is perfect for an indulgent afternoon tea and if there’s any left over, you can pop the pieces in the freezer.

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Cherry delight

Cherry delightThis is a luscious dessert that’s easy to make. The sweet sauce layered between the slightly tangy quark has cherries with different textures: some are cooked, others not. This makes the sauce more interesting – and the whole dessert utterly irresistible!

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Berry pavlova

Berry pavlovaPavlovas are great desserts: their crunchy and gooey meringue base topped with luscious vanilla cream and lots of berries are bound to please everyone.

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Coffee banana pudding

Coffee banana puddingThis dessert has layers of yummy coffee-flavoured mashed bananas and creamy vanilla quark. If you’re feeling slightly naughty, try it as a decadent breakfast!

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Baked plum pancake

Baked plum pancakeI love baked plums and I love baked pancakes. I thought I’d try and combine the two and see what happens. The end result is this delicious dessert that also works well as a breakfast/brunch.

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Fruity breakfast scones

Photo of breakfast scones with some no-added-sugar strawberry fruit spread and half a strawberryThese breakfast scones are lovely and fruity: not only do they have dried apricots and sultanas in them, but I have also included some mashed banana. To start with, the banana was merely supposed to work as an egg substitute, but it turned out the scones actually tasted a lot better with it than when I made them with egg! See the recipe

Poached pears with mint chocolate sauce

Poaches pear with mint chocolate sauceWhen you have pears that are not fully ripe, this is the perfect dessert to make: the pears will turn soft as they are poached and become lovely and juicy. Top them with some smooth mint chocolate sauce and you’ll have a wonderful, yet super-easy-to-make, dessert. Read more…

Heavenly chocolate cake for picnics

A photo of a chocolate cake baked in an aluminium foil tin. The cake is decorated with raspberriesServes 6-8

This recipe is a slightly modified version of the Heavenly chocolate cake recipe which is included in my book No Naughties: Sweet treats without sugar, wheat, gluten and yeast. To make it better suited for picnics, I’ve added some gluten-free flour so that it’s not quite so crumbly. I have also used a 21 cm round aluminium foil tin to bake the cake in so you can transport it easily.

Heavenly chocolate cake is my favourite chocolate cake of all times. I often make it when we have guests or take it with me as a present when we visit someone. It’s easy to make and it never lets me, or the guests, down. Continue reading