Mocca flapjacks

Mocca flapjacksIf flapjacks sound too boring for you, try these mocca ones – they are so not your ordinary flapjacks! They are yummy and a little chewy, and you’re bound to reach for a second helping (and a third, and a fourth…)

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Chocolate orange bundt cake

Chocolate orange bundt cakeThis chocolate orange cake is moist and velvety. By making it in a bundt tin, it looks more interesting, too.

The cake is perfect for an indulgent afternoon tea and if there’s any left over, you can pop the pieces in the freezer.

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Fruity breakfast scones

Photo of breakfast scones with some no-added-sugar strawberry fruit spread and half a strawberryThese breakfast scones are lovely and fruity: not only do they have dried apricots and sultanas in them, but I have also included some mashed banana. To start with, the banana was merely supposed to work as an egg substitute, but it turned out the scones actually tasted a lot better with it than when I made them with egg! See the recipe

Simnel cake

???????????????????????????????This simnel cake is fruity and spicy with two luscious home-made marzipan layers – without of course forgetting the 11 oval marzipan balls that give the cake its characteristic look. Read more…

Drop scones

Drop scones with strawberry halvesThese drop scones are a great alternative to traditional pancakes. They’re quick to make and they’re so delicious they will disappear quickly, too! Read more…

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread houseAs children, my brother and I used to make a gingerbread house every Christmas. It was always so much fun. This recipe is originally from my mum and I have adapted it to suit gluten- and sugar-free diets. Read more…

Pumpkin and rhubarb muffins

Pumpkin and rhubarb muffin in a pink case with some rhubarb stalks on the sideThe sweetness and earthiness of pumpkin coupled with the zing of rhubarb is just wonderful in these muffins. They also have a streusel topping which makes them look attractive and adds extra texture. Read more…

Apple and oat crumble

Apple and oat crumble made with RedLove apples whose flesh is readI have a young RedLove apple tree in the garden and this was the first season it produced any fruit – all in all, 5 apples! I decided to make a good old-fashioned crumble as I thought the apples’ red-coloured flesh would make the pudding look attractive. I wasn’t disappointed. And the flavour, combined with the oat crumble, was so wonderful that I can’t wait for the next crop! Read more…

Blueberry squares

A photo of blueberry squares sprinkled with some xylitol on topMakes 16 squares

These blueberry squares are a wonderful afternoon treat, or even a delicious addition to your lunchbox. The freshness of the blueberries and the lemon zest reminds me of happy summer days. Continue reading

Baked nectarines with almond crumble

A photo of a nectarine half that has been topped with some almond crumble. Serves 4

The soft fruit season is here, so let’s make the most of it. I love to eat peaches and nectarines on their own as well as use them in desserts. This recipe is simple to make and the combination of the soft and juicy nectarines and the slightly crunchy almond crumble is just divine. Continue reading