Coffee banana pudding

Coffee banana puddingThis dessert has layers of yummy coffee-flavoured mashed bananas and creamy vanilla quark. If you’re feeling slightly naughty, try it as a decadent breakfast!

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Baked plum pancake

Baked plum pancakeI love baked plums and I love baked pancakes. I thought I’d try and combine the two and see what happens. The end result is this delicious dessert that also works well as a breakfast/brunch.

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Fruity breakfast scones

Photo of breakfast scones with some no-added-sugar strawberry fruit spread and half a strawberryThese breakfast scones are lovely and fruity: not only do they have dried apricots and sultanas in them, but I have also included some mashed banana. To start with, the banana was merely supposed to work as an egg substitute, but it turned out the scones actually tasted a lot better with it than when I made them with egg! See the recipe

Curd cheese patties

This recipe was inspired by my friend Nina Moon who introduced me to this Latvian delicacy. These patties are very quick and simple to make. And they make a delicious breakfast or supper as they’re not overly sweet.

You will need some curd cheese to make the patties. I have used Polish twaróg. You can find it on the dairy aisle in large supermarkets that sell Polish food or in Polish food shops. Continue reading