Coffee banana pudding

Coffee banana puddingThis dessert has layers of yummy coffee-flavoured mashed bananas and creamy vanilla quark. If you’re feeling slightly naughty, try it as a decadent breakfast!

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Fruit purees as egg substitutes

a bunch of bananas

(c) Dmytro Tolokonov

Puréed fruits that have a high pectin content can be used as egg substitutes. This is because pectin enhances the binding effect which is what’s wanted in many recipes when baking with egg.

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Fruity breakfast scones

Photo of breakfast scones with some no-added-sugar strawberry fruit spread and half a strawberryThese breakfast scones are lovely and fruity: not only do they have dried apricots and sultanas in them, but I have also included some mashed banana. To start with, the banana was merely supposed to work as an egg substitute, but it turned out the scones actually tasted a lot better with it than when I made them with egg! See the recipe