Instant mango ice cream

A photo of one scoop of yellow mango ice cream with the sprig of mingThis is a very quick and easy treat to make. Keep a ready supply of frozen mango chunks in your freezer and you can whizz a delightful treat within minutes.

You can buy frozen mango chunks in a supermarket or chop fresh mangos into pieces and freeze them yourself.

250 g frozen mango chunks
120-180 ml buttermilk*
½ tsp vanilla extract
Sweet Freedom to taste

1. Put the frozen mango chunks and 120 ml of buttermilk into an electric chopper or a food processor and blitz. Add more buttermilk if needed.

2. Taste and add Sweet Freedom if the ice cream is not sweet enough (this will depend on how sweet your mangos are and how sweet you prefer your ice cream). Serve immediately.

* Substitutions

To make the ice cream low in lactose, use Polish kefir with bio-cultures instead of ordinary buttermilk. You can buy it on the dairy aisle in large supermarkets that sell Polish food or in Polish food shops.

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