Changing your diet – the first steps

A child's foot is on grass. It has a dark butterfly on it.So, you’ve found out you need to change your diet. Leaving out one particular foodstuff can be tricky; having to say goodbye to two or more can make life really difficult. Or so it can feel, at least in the beginning.

It can be daunting to start making changes. However, there are lots of ways to manage your new diet and enjoy your life. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Think about your new situation as a new beginning, a new journey that has the potential to improve the quality of your life.

How to begin your new journey?

Educate yourself about your condition.
The more you understand how your body works, the easier it will be to manage your condition, and life in general. There are a lot of resources available, such as books and online articles, so make use of them. To find pointers for where to start, have a look at the Resources section.

Understand the implications of your condition on your diet and other areas of life.
When your wellbeing is dependent on sticking to a special diet, it’s important to find out about your food restrictions in detail. Unintended lapses may have significant consequences, so make sure you know how to look after yourself.

Take control of your diet.
It’s not enough to know what to do – you also need to do it. This means working out ways to accommodate your diet, whether it’s at home, in social situations, when eating out or while on holiday. One of the most effective ways to know what you eat is to prepare your food yourself.

Accept your new way of life.
It can feel unfair to watch other people eat things you’d like to eat but can’t. However, by adopting a positive attitude and accepting how things are, as opposed to pining after how things could or should be, it’ll be easier to make the required changes. This will, in turn, make you feel better in yourself and help you to enjoy your life.

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