No Naughties brings you recipe ideas, baking tips and information on how to live with multiple dietary restrictions. Food allergies and intolerances don’t have to mean a boring diet and a joyless lifestyle. It’s perfectly feasible to inject some sweet magic into your life and make it a celebration!

No Naughties helps you to prepare and enjoy delicious treats and shows that making ‘free-from’ treats is easy and can be done by anyone.

All recipes on this website are sugar-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, soya-free and peanut-free. Many of the recipes are also free from eggs, dairy, casein, lactose, nuts and corn.

To find out  more about No Naughties, visit www.nonaughties.com.


No Naughties: Sweet treats without sugar, wheat, gluten and yeast is now available, also in large print.




No Naughties’ Christmas books are also available. Please click on the images to find out more.

Book cover of No Naughties' Christmas treats for kidsBook cover of No Naughties at Christmas


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    • Hello, and thank you for your ‘like’ :-) In addition to being gluten-free, my recipes are also free of sugar, so if you don’t need to avoid it, you can just use it whenever I have used xylitol, and you can use honey or syrup whenever I have used Sweet Freedom. I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

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